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Paw Buddys

UX Research, UX/UI Design


Paw buddies is an app that helps people find other dog owners with similar personalities and dogs, allows users to create profiles for themselves and their dogs, matches them with other users who have similar profiles and are nearby. Users can chat with their matches, arrange play dates. It also shows if the dog is available to play that week so they can  better see who to chose based on their availability.


City community residents need a way to other dog owner's to match up with there personality and plays well with there dog. It can be difficult to find the right fit for a playmate at the dog park. And knowing when the best time to go to the dog park in the area are.



If city community residents have access to an app that allows them to find other dog owners with personalities  for their dogs,  they will be more likely to have positive, experiences. By downloading the app people  match with other dog owners based on their personalities and dogs’ characteristics.  Creating a better experiences. We will know this to be true when the data supports that there more positive and enjoyable experiences.

While doing qualitative and quantitative research, our team found that most people felt strongly about having an app that can help them match with potential play mates for their dogs. Our qualitative research also showed us that Liliana, and others like her, needed an easy way to to meet other dog owners

Free Website Branding Device Phone Mockup-Recovered_dogs-Recovered-Recovered-Recovered.png

54%I know places to take my dog to meet other dogs.

52%I find it difficult to find other dog owner to set up play dates for my dog.

35%I worry about another dogs temper when they meet my dog.

55%I would like to know a little bit more about the other dog before they meet my dog.

45%I had a bad experiments when meting another dog or there owner.


Liliana, 25

"I had a bad experience at the dog park with another dog owner and I am now more ware of other's to meet my dog to play ."

Daniel, 30

"I am new to the city and I don't know the area long enough to set up play dates when I an new to the dog park that is close to me." 


Needs a way to talk to another dog owner to feel comfortable introducing her dog to their dog.


I need to find a dog park and a person I feel will be a good fit for my dog to play with.

User Flow

Process after successful completion of creating a profile for your dog and your self.

Style Tile

The design was kept minimal and organized with relaxing blue colors to be inviting and calm


Bio Mark Evens

I enjoy hiking, reading and photography I am looking for a great playmate for my dog Asher. 

Paragraph font: Verdana

Forma DJR Micro

Logo font

Mid-Fid Wireframes

The design was kept minimal and organized, of some of the wireframes. Focusing on simplicity using imagery and rounding buttons to be more inviting, modern, and easy to look at.

Hi-Fi Wireframes

The design was kept minimal following the style tile making it possible for all screens to look global and organized. It was also important to make the colors pass the color contrast checker in order to ensure accessibility.

Heading 4

Next Steps

  • Continue with user testing

  • Continue testing of mobile application

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