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Point Travel

UX Research, UX/UI Design


If Travelers with accessibility needs  have access to an app that allows  By downloading the app people  match with other dog owners based on their personalities and dogs’ characteristics.  Creating a better experiences. We will know this to be true when the data supports that there more positive and enjoyable experiences.


Point Travel is a travel app dedicated to provide real travel destination accessibility reviews from real travelers. By creating a review app with a rating system and text reviews focusing on 4 main accessibility categories: elevators, pathways, bathrooms, and transportation.


How can we provide more clarity on accessibility to travel destinations for people with accessibility needs.  Point Travel enhance its travel

app to offer comprehensive and reliable accessibility reviews, featuring a rating system and text reviews in key categories like elevators, pathways, bathrooms, and transportation, to better serve travelers with diverse accessibility needs.


Team: Co-Leads




Duration: 3 weeks


In our the survey, users were interested in details related to disability accommodations. Responses mentioned details like transportation, crowds, and restrooms. Travelers use social sources to seek travel information. They ask friends, family, or online outlets (YouTube, Google). Personal reviews can give a first-hand perspective of what a destination is like.

40% Does your past experiences with accessibility while travailing affect how you plan to travel in the future?

33% Do you seek out information about how accusable a destination is before you visit?

Louise, 63

“Since I want my trip to be accessible for my grandson and I, I want accurate information from people who have been to the destinations I want to visit.”


Find first-hand information about destinations in Sydney that are easy to move around with a cane. Find real examples about how best to navigate travel

Eric, 34

“When traveling as a person in a wheelchair it is paramount that technology works with me and provides me with accessibility information I need.”


Find wheelchair accessible travel destinations. Particularly near oceans. Find apps that will assist him plan travel accessible trips. Travel to the best bio diverse ocean locations in the world.

User Flow

Process after successful completion of creating a profile helping navigate, and select a city to and read the provide information and revies from real people with similar accessibility issues.

Style Tile

The design was kept minimal and organized with relaxing blue colors to be inviting and calm.

Mid-Fid Wireframes

The design was kept minimal and organized, of some of the wireframes. Focusing on simplicity using imagery and rounding buttons to be more inviting, modern, and easy to look at.

Hi-Fi Wireframes

The design was kept minimal following the style tile making it possible for all screens to look global and organized. It was also important to make the colors pass the color contrast checker in order to ensure accessibility.

Heading 4

Next Steps

  • User testing 

  • User research showed us a wider range of disability needs to consider. Initially our app focused on mobility-related accessibility. in the future, we could add more accessibility considerations 

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